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Buyer’s Agent, Seller’s Agent- What does it mean?

Traditionally, real estate agents have represented the seller in any property transaction. They are referred to as listing agents and their sub-agents, or seller’s agents. They are employed by and represent only the seller. Their job is to find a buyer and negotiate the best price and most favorable terms for their client

A Buyer’s Agent is a real estate agent who is employed by and represents ONLY YOU, the buyer. Although they work exclusively for the buyer, their compensation is derived in a number of ways but (most often) comes from a commission split with the seller’s agent. A Buyer’s Agent can provide a number of service for you, which include:

  • Helping you determine how much you can afford to spend on a home.
  • Explaining available financing options
  • Informing you of current real estate values, taxes and other factors that will influence your opinion about a property
  • Revealing information about a property which may affect you purchase decision
  • Discuss advantages and/or disadvantages of a property
  • Advising you on your offer
  • Negotiating the most favorable price and terms for you
  • Helping you evaluate counteroffers

The job of a Buyer’s Agent is to negotiate the best price and terms for their client, the buyer. Employing a Buyer’s Agent will not add additional expense when buying your home.

Should you have a Buyer’s Agent represent you in the purchase of your new home? We’d be glad to answer your questions– We’ve been practicing Buyer’s Agency since before it was fashionable.